About Us

My name is Avinash Ramesh, and I am currently a second-year at the University of Virginia pursuing a double major in Commerce and Computer Science, with a minor in Mathematics. My interest in Bitcoin was first sparked when someone at an investing club brought it up as a joke. When I realized I didn’t understand anything about how Bitcoin works or what it was, I decided to learn more. Luckily, UVA decided to offer a course for the first time, through the Computer Science department, called “Cryptocurrency Café”. It was meant to teach students about the inner workings of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Through the course and outside study, I have spent the past semester understanding the exact methodology of how Bitcoin works and how it was implemented. I have built a miner for an Altcoin and have learned about network security and attacks in relation to the Bitcoin network. After learning how Bitcoin works, our class was given free rein for a final project. I decided to spend my final project time understanding more about the financial side of Bitcoin, analyzing past price fluctuations and factors that could affect future price. I decided to create this website to share my results with the world and hear what other people had to say as well!